Are coaches only for those who need to have ‘performance improvement’?  Is having a coach even worth my time and money? These are valid questions as you necessarily don’t need a coach to achieve success in life but with one, your achievements are faster and easier.


But first, who’s a Coach?


Whether in sports, career, business or life in general, a coach, according to Tony Robbins, is someone who helps you, the ‘coachee’, identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them.


So, here’s why you need a coach:


  1. A Coach Becomes Your Professional Confidante With Your Best Interest in Mind.


  1. A Coach Sees and Believes in Your Potential.


  1. A Coach Will Help you to Expand your Thinking.


  1. A Coach Will Get you Out of your Comfort Zone.


  1. A Coach Will Hold you Accountable To Your Plan and Goals.


It’s not a must to have a coach as you can achieve your goals without one. But with a coach, you can achieve them quicker, better and with more confidence.


You know what? Even a coach needs a coach!


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